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HER2+ Tumors

Sabina Berezowska

Lausanne University Hospital

Maximilian Hochmair

Klinik Floridsdorf
Vienna, Austria

Florian Lordick

University Cancer Center
Leipzig, Germany

Zsuzsanna Varga

University Hospital Zurich


Welcome & introduction by host Sabina Berezowska
HER2 as a biomarker in breast cancer Zsuzsanna Varga
Treatment considerations for HER2-positive GI-cancers Florian Lordick
Clinical implications of HER2 in lung cancer Maximilian Hochmair

In this OncoViews, we will focus on the latest therapy and testing options for HER2+ tumors. Our host Sabina Berezowska welcomes you alongside a leading panel of experts in the field of precision oncology to discuss practice-changing studies and latest approvals in the for HER2+ tumors.

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